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TV Antenna Repairs

TV Antenna Upgrades and TV Antenna Repairs


We have a wide range of TV antenna testing equipment to correctly diagnose your TV reception problems. After inspecting your TV antenna system and completing a “Site Test” our TV antenna installation experts will be able to advise you on the best possible television reception solution.

Sometimes TV reception problems mean an TV antenna upgrade or TV antenna repair is required. Either way you will be in good hands as our TV antenna installation technicians are experts in their field!

TV Reception Problems

We specialise in TV antenna installation and TV antenna repairs. We can fix any television antenna or television reception problems!

Is your TV picture pixelating, breaking up or freezing? Are you finding the sound is distorting or breaking up? Are you receiving a “No Signal” message on your TV?

Your TV antenna may be faulty or not suitable to your particular area. This can result in poor TV reception coverage from the transmitter in your area. A new TV antenna strong>installation might be required, or your existing antenna may need repairing.

Contact us today! We’ll have your TV reception problems solved quickly and with a minimum of fuss.