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What is CCTV?


CCTV stands for closed-circuit television where video surveillance cameras transmit signals to specific monitors (PCs or televisions) and/or video recorders.

CCTV video cameras are mostly used for monitoring and surveillance of office buildings, airports, shops, public venues, and is a simple and inexpensive way to monitor residential properties.

CCTV security camera systems can be programmed to operate continuously or be set to commence recording when an event occurs.

CCTV technology has come a long way in recent years, with many new CCTV systems having higher quality video picture and the ability to record across the internet.

CCTV Security Camera Features

A CCTV security camera surveillance system can accommodate multiple cameras to monitor any number of internal or external locations or sites.

Modern CCTV security camera systems have a variety of performance options and features such as:

  • motion detection
  • SMS or email alerts
  • megapixel sensors
  • network storage devices
  • internal flash
  • wired or wireless CCTV systems
  • internal and external CCTV Cameras
  • continuous or event-only recording
  • pan, tilt and zoom (camera dependent)
  • export and save video to USB or other storage device
  • day and night CCTV cameras (infrared)
  • view live or recorded video via PC, smart phone or tablet
  • remote management and control

CCTV Security Camera Applications

  • crime prevention
  • traffic monitoring and safety
  • industry plant monitoring
  • retail sector security
  • school security
  • office security
  • home security
  • stock protection and loss prevention

CCTV Video Storage and Preservation

Most CCTV security camera systems record and store digital images and video to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).  IP network cameras store images and video directly to an on-site or off-site server or Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Images and video can be stored in a variety of file formats and recordings may be programmed to be retained for a certain period of time before being archived, overwritten or deleted.

Integrating CCTV with Access Control & Security

CCTV, access control, security alarms and intercom systems can now be integrated into a streamlined security system for business and residential property protection and personal safety.  For example, intrusion alarms can activate CCTV security cameras to commence recording or record at higher frame rates and transmit video to alarm monitoring centres, allowing security personnel to know exactly what is going on in a particular location.