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Digital TV Installation


Digital TV has arrived, delivering the high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) picture quality we all once dreamed of.

Quality distribution equipment and the right instrumentation is proving to be more important than ever. Very often, components used in an old system are outdated and unsuitable for today’s requirements for Digital TV.

The enemy of Digital TV – Impulse Noise – is necessitating the development of new suppression skills at the installer level.

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Digital TV is now providing additional TV channels, high definition channels, wide screen pictures, high definition surround sound, ghost-free reception, electronic program guides, closed captioning, and more.

Digital Freeview™ TV

Unable to access the new digital Freeview™ TV?

FreeviewPlus requires a certified receiver, good digital reception and a broadband connection in order to access the many “catch up” TV services now available.

New digital TV now available, many people need to either upgrade there TV or simply purchase a Digital Set Top Box.

Digital TV Reception

Having trouble with your TV reception? Some of our customers have needed to upgrade their TV antenna and cabling. Your TV antenna may not be suitable or may be faulty, and your TV cabling might need upgrading. Contact us for a site test so we can diagnose any faults and help you achieve perfect digital TV reception.

Set Top Box Installation

Digital Set Top Boxes are a good option if you already own a good TV or cannot afford a new digital or smart TV.

Most analog TVs can be quickly and easily, as well as cheaply, connected to a Digital Set Top Box, allowing access to the new channels now available on Free To Air Television.

Contact us today and start enjoying better quality television reception and more free to air TV channels.


Our technicians have installed many TV and MATV (master antenna) systems for all types of industries, using different applications and styles to suit client requirements and optimal performance parameters.

Some of the industries that have benefited from our services:

  • Retail Department Stores
  • Retirement Villages
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Schools
  • Medical Centres
  • Restaurants and Bars

Additional TV Points

Contact us for installation of additional TV points, including correct connection to your antenna for optimal reception quality.