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Home Theatre

home-theatre-installation-2Watching movies and television programs in the comfort of your own home with a home theatre system is becoming more and more popular as technology becomes more affordable.

The correct installation of your home theatre system, including connection with the appropriate home theatre cables that are needed to connect your home theatre equipment, can greatly enhance your home theatre experience.

We can help you to design your ultimate home theatre system from TV or projector screen to amplifier and speakers.

We can install your home theatre system or source the appropriate home theatre equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, televisions, projectors and projection screens, on your behalf.

Home Theatre Cabling & Installation

Our home theatre installation service can take the hassle out of cabling and connecting your home theatre equipment, amplifier, speakers and viewing screen (TV or projection screen).

Concealing the cables of your home theatre system will keep your home theatre entertainment area tidy and clutter-free, allowing you to relax and enjoy your home theatre experience. Correctly installed and concealed home theatre cabling will provide optimal picture quality and sound.

We can wall mount your TV and home theatre speakers and connect these to your other home theatre equipment, concealing speaker and amp cables.

We can optimize your home theatre system and explain how it all operates so you achieve the most from your home theatre investment.

Plasma, LCD and LED TV Installations


Our home theatre installation services include professional TV installation and TV tuning service.

If required, we can securely wall mount your Plasma, LCD or LED television neatly and professionally, using the most suitable high quality wall brackets, giving you peace of mind that your TV is securely mounted on the wall.

Blu-Ray Player Installation

To achieve the best possible Blu-ray player picture and sound quality, we will install your Blu-ray player using the correct types of cables.