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CCTV for Business

Wireless and IP network security camera systems will allow you to monitor assets and staff in any area of your business premises. Weatherproof outdoor CCTV security cameras for perimeter protection can be configured for continual or motion-activated video recording.

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CCTV for Homes

CCTV security cameras deter thieves and vandals giving you peace of mind when it comes to security of your home and safety of your family. Most modern CCTV security camera systems allow you to view and download CCTV video recordings wherever you have internet access.

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Protect Your Assets

CCTV security cameras inside and outside your home or business premises can dramatically improve the security of your home and family, office staff, business equipment and stock. CCTV security cameras can provide great peace of mind to home and business owners.

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Choosing a CCTV Security Camera System

With the huge range of CCTV cameras and digital video recorders (DVR’s) on the market today, many home owners and business owners find it difficult to choose the right CCTV security cameras for their home or business premises security.

We know CCTV!

We have the experience and knowledge to design and install the most suitable security camera system to monitor and protect your home and family or your business assets and personnel.

Analog vs Digital


Digital security cameras send and receive data via a computer network while Analog security cameras send to a video recorder. Analog security cameras may appear to be a cheaper option, but slightly more expensive IP security cameras provide far superior quality and options.

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Wireless CCTV


Though wireless security cameras provide the flexibility of being easily moved, wired CCTV cameras usually provide higher video / image quality than wireless CCTV systems, providing peace of mind when it comes to protection of your home or office premises.

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CCTV Remote Access


Most modern CCTV security camera systems offer remote access via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. If you are away from your home or office and have access to the internet, you will be able to receive alerts or check live or recorded CCTV video.

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Value for Money

CCTV security cameras need to operate 24/7 and adequately cover your home or business premises. We will help you choose reliable day/night (infrared) CCTV cameras and recording equipment to ensure you get value for money from your CCTV security camera system.

CCTV Repairs & Maintenance

CCTV security cameras occasionally require maintenance or repairs. Our staff are qualified technicians who can assess your security camera system and provide advice on any service or repairs which might be required. We also install additional security cameras, remove or relocate existing cameras, and can assist with programming problems.