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Data Cabling

These day, many homes and businesses are using wireless networks with a Wireless Access Point (WAP) to keep family and staff connected to the internet. For this to be effective and to receive good coverage, backbone cabling needs to be reliable and of high quality.

Our qualified data cabling technicians at Skye Communications are industry approved data cablers and we use only the best quality cables and components.

With technology rapidly moving beyond the expectation of many experts, it is vital the correct data cabling is installed to suit your needs now and well into the future.

Data Cabling Services

  • data cabling for new homes
  • data cabling for existing homes
  • home office data cabling
  • office network cabling
  • additional data points
  • data point relocations
  • data point removal
  • data cabling for TV
  • data cabling for home theatre
  • wireless access points
  • broadband installation
  • NBN installation

Data Cabling for New Homes

Our data cabling technicians can pre wire your new home with high quality RG6 Quad Shield cable or Cat 5e cable, ensuring you will receive high system performance from your data cabling.

Additional Data Points

Does your home or business need additional data points? Our data cabling technicians can install additional data points and/or relocate existing data points to better suit your current data cabling requirements.

Data Cabling for your Digital TV

With most new digital TVs now able to access the internet for catch up TV, movie downloads, online gaming and apps, a data point located near your home’s TV or home theatre system is a necessity. Many people initially use a wireless data connection but after installing hard wired data cabling they find their picture and sound quality is greatly improved.

Some electricians use low quality coax cable in new homes which can deliver unreliable system performance. To achieve high quality system performance, consider upgrading the data cabling to high quality RG6 Quad Shield cable or Cat 5e cable.