trading as J&C Antenna Services

TV Antenna Installation


We specialise in TV antenna installations for perfect TV reception and have been installing and repairing TV antennas across Melbourne for more than 15 years.

New TV Antenna Installation

Need a new TV antenna? Do you know not all TV antennas are the same and your TV antenna needs to be suitable to the area in which you live?

Our TV antenna technicians install high quality digital TV antennas which are guaranteed to provide the best possible TV reception for your particular suburb or area. We can install the correct TV antenna to suit your location and requirements.

TV Antenna Cabling for New Homes

Our TV antenna installation experts can cable your new home prior to lock-up and have your TV antenna installed and ready for when you move in. You then just have to connect your TV and start watching your favourite TV programs.

Choose which rooms you want to watch television and our TV antenna installation experts will install the TV antenna cabling and antenna system that most suits your needs and location.

MATV Antenna Systems

We also provide installation and fault detection for MATV of master antenna systems.

If your MATV system is not working as it should contact us for a “Site Test” so we can analyse the problem and assist with any repairs which may be required.