trading as J&C Antenna Services

Phone Cabling & Phone Line Repairs

Skye Communications’ phone technicians are professionals when it comes to installing phone cabling and phone points or phone sockets.

Our phone technicians are industry approved and our phone line cabling is installed according to ACMA guidelines standards. Upon completion all phone points are tested with the latest phone line testing equipment and diagnosis tools.

Phone Cabling Services

  • home phone line installations
  • business phone line installations
  • office phone line installations
  • phone line connections
  • modem phone line points
  • pre wiring home phone lines
  • pre wiring business phone lines
  • phone line fault detection
  • phone line repairs
  • central filter / splitter installations
  • extra phone points
  • phone line relocation
  • phone socket relocation
  • phone line speed checks
  • phone line signal checks
  • noisy phone line faults
  • phone line drop outs
  • crackling phone line

Phone Line Faults

Our high quality technical equipment can quickly and accurately detect faults in your phone line cabling. So if you are experiencing a noisy phone line, crackling or frequent drop-outs, contact us today to have the problem diagnosed and repaired.