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CCTV for Business Security


With the huge range of CCTV cameras and digital video recorders (DVR’s) on the market today, many business owners find it difficult to choose the right CCTV security cameras for their business premises security.

We know CCTV! We have the experience and knowledge to design and install the most suitable security camera system to monitor and protect your business assets and personnel.

We install and configure quality CCTV’s for business customers. All CCTV cameras installed by us are PoE (powered over ethernet) which means you do not need any additional power points installed.

CCTV footage – real-time and recorded – can be streamed live through your internet connection and can be accessed through your mobile phone, iPad or tablet, or any other computer.

Protect your assets with CCTV

CCTV security cameras inside and outside business premises can dramatically improve the security of your staff, business equipment and stock with 24-hour video monitoring by high quality CCTV security cameras, providing great peace of mind to business owners.